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With an array of different flavors, agile has a lot to offer. With Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, DevOps, XP and everything else in between, organizations today can feel like kids in a candy store picking the right flavor for their teams.

Whatever methodology you might choose or however deep you might be into your agile adaptation journey, your people will play a very important role in making your adaption a success story.Are you or your organization suffering from failed agile transformations or not seeing the results even after following the manual to the T? Instead of blaming the methodology and retrospecting your choice , could you be compromising on one of the basic founding principles of agile: Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools. Specifically- people! You are diverse, but are you inclusive?

Join me as we discuss the power individuals have over anything and everything in agile. Together, we’ll uncover ways in which we can use empathy, inclusion and efficient employment to get the people onboarded onto your change train and make your transformation journey a success story.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The session is designed to be interactive. The audience will be prompted to share personal examples along with being a part of a group exercise and then collectively sharing their learning outcomes.

The rough outline is as follows

  • Introduction – (2 minutes)
  • Describing the topic and why it is relevant- (10 minutes)
  • Group exercise – (8 minutes +5minutes of audience interaction)
    • Goal: Breaking pre-concieved stereotypes and finding associations with fellow attendees. Finding common struggles and patterns while practicing active listening and empathy
    • We want to create organized chaos. To achieve this and get the audience outside their comfort zones, they will be asked to pair up with a complete stranger or a person they found intimidating when they walked in. Someone who captured their attention but they felt they didn't want to sit next to or someone who seemed like an inspiring personality.
    • Next, each person will take turns and share a life experience or occurrence which shaped them into being how they are or had a profound impact on them (professional or personal) for 2 minutes. All through this, the other person needs to be an active listener. At the end of 2 minutes, the person listening needs to share their thoughts- how they felt hearing what the other person just said. The next 4 minutes, the pair reverses roles.
    • At the end of the 8 minutes, we'll have a 5 minute debrief with the audience around how it changed their perspective and tie it back with the initial goal.
  • Discuss the following ways in achieving by-in – (15 minutes )
    • Empathy
    • Inclusion
    • Utilization vs efficiency paradox
  • (5 mins) Q&A

Learning Outcome

The impact change agents and leaders can have on their strategic adaptation through getting the people on their side is phenomenal. The intent is for the audience to reevaluate their current management and leadership styles and find ways in which they can be more empathetic and inclusive towards their teams. Change is never easy but if employ the correct tools in getting people comfortable around change, our efforts will yield positive results.

Target Audience

Agile change agents, those leading agile implemetations, leadership, scrum masters, coaches etc.

Prerequisites for Attendees

A general understanding of Agile, and an interest in leading change within their respective organizations.


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