As agilists, how are we personally affected by our relationships with transforming organizations? Organizations treat an agile transformation as a singular event. A budgetary line item, a noun, a one-time metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. It is easy to forget that we too are affected by the changes going on around us.

In this interactive workshop, Allison and Barry will lead a introspective look at your personal transformation journey and facilitate a discussion on our personal experiences with transformations.

Join as we explore how each of us is transforming through agile transformations.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

3 – Group activity – meet other attendees, answer the question: how do you define transformation?
5 - Allison and Barry share their backgrounds and context for the topic
20 – Draw individual journey lines to reflect personal transformation (i.e., career highs and lows or map of changes over time). Table discussion about what is being reflected and noticed in the drawing. Hear a few answers with the large group

10 - Thinking of where they are headed, imagine having a magical wizard to help you along the way and the skills/traits the wizard would have to be successful helping others. Create a wizard hat and meet others.
7 - Summarize what’s being discovered about transforming through the activities, highlight takeaways

Learning Outcome

Examine your personal transformation history for success
Illustrate what your next personal transformation could be
Connect with others who could become coaches and supporters

Target Audience

Agile coaches and transformation leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should have experience leading or supporting agile transformations for teams and/or organizations

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