Using Agile to Launch and Manage an Agile Coaching Office

You have the Executive buy-in to "go agile", and you even have budget! What a huge and exciting win. The leaders expect to see results - ROI, and quickly. You need a plan. You need to transform a huge number of teams. It can be a daunting task, that is very similar to launching a new product or service. Good thing there is a methodology that helps to deliver value fast! What are your business goals? What is your MVP? How do you build momentum? Are there risks to be mitigated?

What a roller-coaster! We have helped our clients over that initial hump, and would like to share our approach to help attendees create their own. During this workshop, we will guide attendees to draft their approach to establish, define, deploy and scale your agile coaching office. We will share the common, and less common, challenges we have faced that you may want to watch for on your journey.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Tricia and I have previously led this for the Agile Coaching Exchange:SoCal and Denver's Agile @ Scale Special Interest Group, both ground were very engaged and found the topic valuable. In the past, we have run it as a workshop of 75-90 minutes which is more interactive and invites the audience to discuss and work out for themselves what components are of value to their organization/transformation.

In a 45 minute time-slot, this can run as an experience talk with an invitation to follow up for those interested, but not enough time for any workshop elements (e.g. coaching your sponsor, setting your transformation goals).

We have not shared the slides outside of the talks we have run, but can make them available to reviewers is desired.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand several approaches to launching an Agile Coaching Office, and ultimately the foundation for your agile transformation.
  • Recognize that Agile itself is about making trade-offs. What trade-offs must be made to hold the client's agenda first, helping them to "be" and "do" agile?
  • Evaluate risks and challenges that may lay ahead, and discuss how to mitigate them.
  • For large transformations where it is impossible to coach every team at once, consider how to prioritize teams to move through coaching to maximize overall value to the business
  • Consider how to scale yourself, and your experience, within the organization through Communities of Practice, Mastermind Groups, or similar experience-sharing models

Target Audience

Coaches. Transformation Leaders. Mid-to-Senior Management/Execs considering an Agile Transformation

Prerequisites for Attendees

This session is aimed at coaches, and agile leaders, comfortable with applying agile at the team level.


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