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Our industry exploded with tons of newly certified scrum masters. HR folks go through 50+ applicants to find a good scrum master. New Scrum Masters are challenged gaining experience to help them get a job and/or improve their abilities. How can we help new scrum masters become great and how can we help HR find them?

Join Joanne to review new approaches to interviewing scrum masters (any scrum team member) utilizing experientially based questions. Explore how as a community we are able to grow scrum masters and agile coaches internally and externally in our companies.

Let's disrupt the way we do things traditionally - the world is changing faster than our traditions.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Purpose of the session & outcomes we want the participant to leave with
  • Collect what the participants would like to get out of the session
  • Discussion – What are the current problems that the participants are seeing?
  • Case Study 1 - Using Experiential Based Learning Methods for Interviewing Scrum Masters and Team Members
    • Exploring and trying out Experiential Based Questions
  • Case Study 2 - Mentoring and Coaching New Scrum Masters in the Toronto Agile Community
    • How the Toronto Community is currently helping new scrum masters and agile coaches – what has been done so far and how it has helped the participants that are in the group.
    • How did we find mentees and coaches? How did we connect with them?
    • What is the current challenges the mentees are facing and how the coaches are helping them
    • How did we design the sessions to be maximum benefit to the participants?
    • Whats next? Apprenticeship program – how will this work?
  • Q&A
  • Wrap Up – Review outcomes that participants wanted – were they all covered? Discussion – What will folks take away from this session?

Learning Outcome

As HR Managers, Team Managers, Scrum Masters and Team Members, we need to change up how we hire and how we grow. This topic will help with the overall problem that we are faced with in finding, growing and hiring good scrum masters.

Target Audience

HR, Managers, Coaches, ScrumMasters

Prerequisites for Attendees



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