Being agile takes courage. No, I’m not joking! Agilists are more courageous than you might think. In this presentation, you will learn how courage is required to truly be agile. Additionally, you will learn how to be more courageous, including specific ways to practice being courageous.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

· Check-in question for audience (Interactive)

· Define Courage

o Discussion with audience (Interactive)

§ How many people think being agile requires courage?

§ In what ways do you think Agilists are courageous? (Groups discuss and answer)

o Courage in Agile: Courage is specifically mentioned as a Scrum, Kanban, and XP value. It is at work in much of what we do.

· How can I be more courageous, as an Agilist, or Agile Leader? Work on confidence, decisiveness, and wisdom

o Confidence

§ Ways of building confidence

§ Confident leaders trust their teams

o Decisiveness

§ Agile teams need to make decisions quickly

§ How to work decisiveness

§ Reminder: Decisiveness does not contradict responding to change. Responding to change requires more decisions.

o Wisdom

§ How to increase your wisdom

· Opportunities to practice courage

o Speaking truth to power

o Seeking contrary points of view

o Admitting mistakes

o Showing empathy

§ Skit to show a common lack of empathy and the realization of the need for empathy

o Focusing on team happiness, to drive customer happiness

· Closing with a challenge for the Audience

Learning Outcome

· Participants will understand how courage can help them be agile

· Participants will be able to work on building confidence, decisiveness, and wisdom to increase agility

· Participants will be able to practice courage

Target Audience

Agilists, and Agile Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees


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