#BePartoftheGood - an agile response to crisis

The 2017 hurricane season was tragic for many Americans. Harvey caused $125b of damage in Texas, Irma destroyed 45% of the homes in the Florida Keys, and Maria left Puerto Rico without power and water. These tragedies were more than the regular disaster response organizations could handle. FEMA, the National Guard and Red Cross could not keep up with the demand for rescue and almost more importantly, relief supplies once the storm passed.

Individuals and grassroots movements stepped up to fill the gap, like the Cajun Navy in Houston, Samaritans Purse and KeysStrong.org in the Keys, American Black Cross, Cajun Airlift and Veteran Disaster Relief in Puerto Rico. Largely unspoken people helped other people, neighbors helped neighbors, and all of it used a method known to Agilists, as Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban, even when the individuals didn't understand what they were using.

Listen to the story of how an agile coach became part of the response and together with others, helped bring comfort and joy back to over 150 families in the Keys since the storm passed. More importantly, learn how you can use shared common purposes, agile values, principles and methods to do the same for any crisis that might come your way.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This session is primarily a presentation, but I'll use Training from the Back of the room techniques to engage the participants. We'll also have a concrete practice activity that will take what they learned and translate it to their own crisis.

What Happened?: 5 minutes
How did agile play a part?: 5 minutes
Perspective and Perception: 5 minutes

Empirical Decisions: 5 minutes
Scrum Values in Action: 5 minutes
The Ripple Effect: 5 minutes
How can I apply this to My Crisis?: 10 minutes
Q&A: 5 minutes

Learning Outcome

Participants will walk away with an understanding of the following:
What makes Scrum and other agile methods a good fit for crisis response?
What Agile values and principles make a difference in the middle of a crisis?
What are the qualities of an agile mindset and why do they matter?
How can failure be an asset when responding to a crisis?
What is the “ripple effect” and how was it displayed during this crisis?
How can you use agile and Scrum during your own crisis?

Target Audience

Anyone who has experienced a crisis can benefit from the lessons you'll learn

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge of agile terms

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