Numerous organizations across the Globe use Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) to verify their current state and improve the maturity of their organizational maturity and process capability. With the advent of Agile and the vast changes in the way Organizations build solutions, there is a vast uncertainty on the differences between the process areas and it is unclear to many, if Agile and CMMI can co-exist and create value.

The goal of this Lightning talk is to address some of the misconceptions, gaps in knowledge and myths related to the lack of convergence between CMMI process areas and Agile methodology. It will present a clear mapping, and also educate the attendees to achieve Agile maturity while being CMMI compliant.

Projects with mature teams that use Agile methodologies in the right way already have a high degree of compliance to CMMI requirements, and with some additional focus and effort can make their projects fully compliant. I will also share some tips and tricks to enhance your abilities to achieve your goals to be CMMI compliant while using Agile methodologies.


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

A project manager for a Federal IT vendor recently stated that "Agile + CMMI is like oil + water, and they just don't mix well together." He went on to complain that while the Agile Manifesto clearly states, "Individuals and interactions [are valued] over processes and tools," and "Working software [is valued] over comprehensive documentation," his program was required to follow CMMI standards, otherwise they would lose their compliance status. He struggled with how to make align agile behavior with compliance mandates.

Are you also confused about the convergence of agile practices to CMMI guidelines?

Give me just 10 minutes and I will demystify this. You will walk away with clear understanding of how the practices of CMMI and Agile can be integrated together in your business to provide value, maturity and results.

As it is a Lightning talk, I have very limited time to deliver important information, so I plan to keep it lively and engaging.

I plan to present in an informal fashion that involves attendee participation.My presentation material will be concise, crisp and easy to grasp. I got lot of kudos and great feedback on my recent presentation experience at agile2018 Lightning Talks.

Learning Outcome

The goal of this Lightning talk is to address some of the misconceptions, gaps in knowledge and myths related to the lack of convergence between CMMI process areas and Agile methodology. Attendees will gain from the following outcomes:

  • What are the differences between CMMI and Agile approaches?
  • What do they have in common?
  • What can one do today, to start working on improving maturity with both of the approaches?

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Project / Program Managers, PMO, Leads, Quality Assurance professionals, Risk and Compliance Professionals

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge of Agile Methodology and CMMI requirements.

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      Toby Rao - 10 minute 'Crash course' on developing High Performing Agile Talent!

      Toby Rao
      Toby Rao
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      10 Mins
      Lightning Talk

      Finding 'agile ready' and high performing team-members in a truly Agile environment can be a real challenge. This is true for organizations that are new to Agility as well as those with mature Agile teams….

      Let’s face it - with highly matrixed teams that are always on the move - it can be difficult to assess, train and develop team members.Hiring, retaining and developing people is not someone else’s job. We are all responsible for developing the ‘right’ talent. In my talk we will cover a lot of ground on identifying, assessing both performance and potential, and making decisions on talent investment and management.