An Agency’s Transformation: A Case Study for Agile Beyond IT

Thanks to a collaboration with Agile technology firm Excella, Silverline Communications, a PR agency, underwent a complete Agile transformation last summer. The benefits of agility are not limited to technology teams, and Silverline discovered they could improve productivity, satisfy customer needs and accomplish its business objectives with an Agile process.

Silverline uses the “Kanban” method to streamline processes, increase flexibility and improve outcomes for their team and their clients. While Silverline initially looked at this transition as strictly a business differentiator, the company quickly came to realize it was much more. The biggest benefits to the agency included increased efficiency, real-time workflow awareness, open communications and client satisfaction.

This presentation will provide an overview of ways other non-IT companies or teams can benefit from an Agile transformation. Laura Taylor, Silverline’s founder and CEO, will discuss the agency’s partnership with Excella, how the effort progressed, challenges the agency overcame and the business benefits that resulted.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Interactive presentation with room for Q&A at the end.

Learning Outcome

Participants will gain an understanding of how Agile principles and practices can be leveraged outside of IT by hearing a real-life example of how a marketing agency used Agile to deliver value faster to its clients.

Target Audience

Those interested in expanding agile practices outside of IT.

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