Experience Report - How we Flipped Park Place with an Agile Team

In a world where (individual) commissions are king, how do you convince a team of real estate agents to work together and leverage their strengths? How do you create the best construction team and show them the value of sticking together? Beer and pizza to the rescue, of course! Most importantly, how do you create a real estate organization that leverages agile principles and values from end to end? And why would you want to?

Agile is disrupting the real estate industry, and we’ve been on the leading edge. It’s been a messy journey, and our lessons learned are applicable across any industry. For example, if you think about the people you would invite to a bbq-- they would have characteristics very similar of team members you want to work with. We strive to create a environment where team members would feel like they are part of a real team vs a team only in namesake.

Learn how we create agility to achieve better results with our real estate investments. If you were ever curious about how to use agile in any industry, this is the session for you!


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report


Back Story: How it started

  • How it all started and the inspiration to bring IT and real estate worlds together.

Helping people find their motivation.

  • Never take a one size fits all approach. Different approaches for agents vs construction crew.

The Agents - Individual goals vs team goals

  • 2 agents who were excited and 1 on the fence and almost 2 dozen straight forward said “no” to joining a scrum team.
  • What worked to turn things around.
  • Moving from individual focused to team focused mindset.

The Construction team

  • End to End Agility- agents to construction

Pizza and beer

  • Not a review but rather pizza and bear.

Marketing upside down house

  • The struggles of marketing a house that otherwise would not make much profit. Where the cost ended up being more then the profit margin.


Learning Outcome

Attendees will leave this session having learned the following:

How to uncover and appeal to your audience's motivation

How to influence individuals to embrace the power of the team.

How to convince the toughest audience to get the most out of retrospectives.

How to use MVPs to make prioritization and investment decisions.

How to apply proven methods to increase revenue.

How to incorporate Agile into Real Estate, Marketing, and Sales.

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested in learning how to use agile in marketing, sales, real estate and few other industries.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants are not required to know any details beforehand, only basic knowledge of agile & scrum is fine. However even if they do not have that basic knowledge they will still understand and get value out of this session.


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