Collaboration over Contracting? How to Really Do Agile Contracting in Government

During a 3 day workshop, 18F can take clients from concept to solicitation. This presentation from years of work while at 18F gives the audience an overview of best practices learned working with Federal, State, and local clients on IT acquisition contracts of all sizes. If we can do it, so can you. We'll provide best practices for how to merge modern contracting principles with agile concepts to enable agile acquisition enabling actual development with real world examples.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Dynamic lecture outlining major principles and methods. Usually there are so many shocked questions from disbelief that it leads to an interesting back and forth with many knowing chuckles.

Learning Outcome

Become equipped with tools and samples to be able to use at your agency or advise agencies on how they can better structure the acquisition process and artifacts to enable agile.

Target Audience

Anyone who works for a government agency or anyone who is with a company that does work with Federal, state and local governments.

Prerequisites for Attendees

None. If you've done true agile but have tried to do it in government but run into issues with acquisitions and contracting this is for you.

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