Empower Leaders by Teaching Them The "Coaching Habit"

Do you want to sharpen your leadership skills? Wish you could use coaching techniques to improve and provide more effective leadership to your teams and organization? Learn the 7 foundational coaching questions that will make you more effective in empowering your teams, encouraging self-organizing, and building more resilient teams.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Everyone knows that managers and leaders play a key role in empowering their teams. However, few managers and leaders know how to encourage their teams to be self-organizing and self-managing. This session is for anyone who wants to make coaching a foundation skill for leaders, and use coaching to create more focus, more courage, and more resilience.

The session teaches the 7 coaching questions:

1. Kickstarter Question - the opening question that gets the conversation happening fast and deep

2. AWE Question - "And What Else" is the quickest and easiest way to uncover and get to the heart of an issue

3. Focus Question - helps focus on the "real" problem not the "first" problem

4. Foundation Question - "What Do You Want?" helps get to the very heart of what your colleague wants

5. Lazy Question - "How Can I Help?" forces your colleague to make a direct and clear request. More importantly it stops you from thinking that you know how best to help and jumping to action/conclusions.

6. Strategic Question - is aimed to teaching how to say NO to keep focus on "real" work that matters strategically.

7. Learning Question - helps to finish any conversation in a way that creates the space for people to have learning moments where people find the insight and new connections get made.

The session will be organized as follows:

  • 3 mins - Intro of the problem statement
  • 14 mins - Present the 7 Coaching Questions along with an example for each
  • 7 mins - Setup and instructions for the exercise
  • 14 mins - Exercise done by attendees in pairs with each person getting 10 mins to practice at least one of the 7 questions
  • 5 mins - Debrief as a group
  • 2 mins - Closing

During the session, each attendee will receive a workbook (please see PDF attachment) containing the 7 Coaching Questions with a description of each question along with its purpose and when to use it for maximum effect. Participants will also be provided a "scenario'" (please see the last page of attachment) to be used during the exercise portion of the session. Attendees will form pairs and take turns role-playing the role of coach and "coachee" in the context of the scenario.

After the role play, both the participants will record their learning in the workbook. Prior to the closing of the session, participants will be invited to share their experiences and learning during the group debrief.

** NOTE: The attached PDF is a representative sample of the Workbook that will be used during the workshop and currently shows only 2 of the 7 Coaching Questions that will be presented during the workshop. The last page of this PDF describes the hypothetical scenario to be used during the practice exercise by the participants.

Learning Outcome

Attendees will walk away with:

  1. Seven coaching questions
  2. Tools to make them part of your everyday
  3. How to use them for more impact

Target Audience

Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees




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