Leading a large-scale agile transformation isn’t about leading at all… it’s about engaging employees, and helping those engaged employees do the actual leading. First and foremost, it’s about achieving a real change in the way decisions get made. Real agility comes from people who are engaged, from leaders and service providers who tell the truth, and from working with willing people. Unfortunately, almost everything about the way Agile is sold works against these objectives. Regarding the way Agile is sold into most companies, Agile is "Agile-in-name-only."

Agile transformation necessitates a fundamental change in who is making decisions, how those decisions get made, and how executive leaders actually support that. Agile transformation is about engaging employees, realigning decision-making to support the flow of value, and making sure coaches are enabling the workforce instead of the other way around.

It's about Agile pull instead of Agile push. The reality is that this kind of change *cannot* only be led from the top. Everyone affected, at every level, must first *agree* to play this game. This talk will explore how executives can get good agreements up front at every level, execute on those agreements, and in so doing get the positive business outcomes that can only come from truly engaged employees.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


The Main 4 points- with three or four 2-minute interactive exercises

Summary and Conclusion

Learning Outcome

  • An understanding of what is expected of executives to be genuinely successful with large-scale agile transformation
  • An understanding of the essential agreements that must be in place before starting (the definition of large-scale-Agile transformation-READY)
  • An understanding of the essential nature of engaged employees in any successful large-scale agile transformation
  • Identification of specific Open tools and techniques that can really, really help

Target Audience

Executives & Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

It is best if participants have been through the "large-scale Agile transformation" wringer one time before attending this session


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