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Agile transformation can be a daunting yet very rewarding endeavor. Organizations are adopting Agile principles beyond their traditional software teams and looking for benefits in other areas across the value stream. This includes changes not only in engineering and how we build and deliver products but in other organizational areas such as management, procurement, leadership, human resources, or any area of the organization that is part of the delivery pipeline. Organizations are making great strides in their agile journey yet there are challenges and barriers to overcome as an organization’s beliefs, practices, and culture slowly change. Yet change does not happen overnight. Changing how we’ve done business for many decades can create feelings of fear and a sense of uncertainty for people. What can be done to help overcome these barriers of fear, uncertainty, unfamiliarity, and in some cases, inertia? What are some techniques that can be used to develop an agile mindset and make the shift to further adoption? In this talk we will discuss the importance of Agile across the enterprise and provide some examples from those who have gone “full agile” adopting it within their various functional groups and within any environment. Additional resources and references will be provided for those seeking to make a difference within their team, program, or organization.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Change models to help create a transformation strategy

What are the barriers to adoption experienced in some organizations

For each barrier, what are reasons the barriers might exist and what are some techniques for addresses these barriers

What is an example of how this has been applied

Additional resources/references to support your journey

Learning Outcome

Participants will:

Become familiar with change models that can be aligned and used when planning a transformation strategy

Learn why change can be difficult

Gain a better understanding of barriers to change within an organization

Receive a variety of techniques and actions that can be taken to respond to these barriers

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Coaches, Agile Champions, Managers, Leads, Anyone seeking ideas for dealing with cultural barriers of agile transformation

Prerequisites for Attendees

It is expected that participants have foundational experience with agile and have encountered challenges in furthering their adoption of agile across teams or organization


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