In the scheme of an Agile transformation, one way to improve productivity is to form dedicated or persistent teams (or as close to it as possible). In many transformation roadmaps or plans, this is usually a first step to enable a myriad of the benefits that arise from dedicated teams (such as delivering better value more quickly, better team dynamics and morale, empowerment and autonomy, increased productivity, alignment to scaled models), but there always seems to be an underlying assumption that this transition is simply able to happen. Information is scant on "the how" to accomplish such a feat if leadership or neighboring organizations have not agreed to it or ready to let go of resource allocations of old. Case studies generally cite companies like Spotify and ING in achieving organizational agility, the overall transformation they made (or built up from), but details on one of the pivotal changes is left out. How do you take an organization from scattered, resource dependent, project funded teams to one that has dedicated and persistent teams? This lightning talk will discuss the approaches one can take to help enable and transition to dedicated teams to further an Agile transformation.


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

  1. Importance of independent and dedicated teams to an Agile transformation
  2. How do you do it?
  • Start at the top! The environment Senior Management must create
  • Empower management and teams - decision making and autonomy
  • Start small - selecting the right area and the right people to show success
  • Identify current alignment and funding of teams
  • Provide coaching and training

Learning Outcome

When undertaking an Agile transformation, the teams are foundational to the overall success. After this discussion you will have a better understanding of how to form dedicated teams in a resistant organization move to the next step of your transformation.

Target Audience

Agile coaches, transformation consultants or internal change agents looking to start an Agile transformation, are currently going through one but encountering organizational or culture issues, or looking to embrace the benefits of small, independent teams

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • The organization is considering or currently undergoing an Agile transformation
  • The transformation has buy in from leadership (at least supportive) and have an understanding of dedicated teams, but resisting the actual move to fully dedicated teams
  • Teams within organization have had minimum training or exposure to Agile
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