Succeeding in the marriage between DevOps and Cybersecurity

As organizations are increasingly adopting DevOps to accelerate delivery and business value they still expose themselves to security vulnerabilities or find security to be slowing down their velocity. Cybersecurity can no longer be a silo but a core foundation and driver of DevOps which is much more than just “development” and “operations” as the simplistic name implies. Both DevOps and Cybersecurity have a lot to learn from each other and it is only natural they come together. But how should they come together ? What are the challenges and opportunities ? How do we make this holy union succeed and produce high quality business results and outcomes ? Practical tips on making this union successful


Outline/Structure of the Talk

A version of this presentation is available here -

The newer version will delve into a deeper discussion around the following topics and more

- AppSec and InfoSec mindset development

- "Security Compliance as Code" and tips for implementing it right

- Composable Security Compliance - moving away from portable document format and applying digital techniques for composing and managing compliance data

- Scaling the DevSecOps model

Learning Outcome

A better understanding on DevSecOps and how organizations can transition to this operating model and accelerate their delivery velocity

Target Audience

Anyone involved in IT delivery - Developers, Operations Engineers, Security Engineers, Federal IT Mangers and executives

Prerequisites for Attendees

General familiarity with IT delivery lifecycle is important. Awareness to the dynamics and difficulties posed by federal IT security policies is helpful

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