Continuous Performance Engineering vs Plain-Old Performance Testing

Performance engineering is a key and critical component of development lifecycle and if not done right can impact system usability and adoption. This talk will discuss how to integrate performance engineering into the broader DevOps culture and empower the entire team to practice performance management. I will share some key lessons learned implementing performance engineering for a multi-tier enterprise search system comprised of 100+ nodes indexing millions of documents. Through DevOps practices we successfully navigated the myriad performance bottlenecks and ended up with a continuous performance engineering culture embraced by the entire team.


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

- Overall introduction of challenges

- Why conventional approaches don't work

- Recommended approaches to consider

- Examples

Learning Outcome

Gain a better understanding of performance engineering and its importance. Practical methods on implementing a more effective Continuous Performance Engineering model

Target Audience

DevOps Practitioners , Performance and Site Reliability Engineers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understanding of application development process and performance challenges they typically face. A basic technical background in IT would be helpful

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