How to get visibility at scale using Jira software + Portfolio for Jira

Is your Engineering Org working on over 100 projects every quarter? Do you have over 30 teams? Do you have trouble managing cross-functional dependencies? Do you have visibility into project timeline and status?

This session is about how to use Jira Portfolio tool to get visibility, create roadmaps, forecast releases dates, manage team capacity, and report on the status across projects.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


  • (5 mins) About Jira Portfolio
  • (10 mins) Why use Portfolio
  • (10 mins) How to setup Jira
  • (10 mins) Demo
  • (5 mins) Key Takeaways
  • (5 mins) Q&A and Wrap up

Learning Outcome

How we can use Jira Portfolio to:

  • Create visual timeline
  • See whether our plan is on track
  • Manage the capacity of our team
  • Communicate our plans and progress
  • Connect work to the big picture

Target Audience

This session is intended for all levels of management, from managers & Scrum Masters to the CxO level.

Prerequisites for Attendees

There is no prerequisite for this session.

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