6 Boundary Spanning Practices to Boost your Organizational Agility

Getting to Business Agility requires expanding beyond agile practices strung together, it requires the entire organization working in concert to decrease time to market with a forward looking approach to their industry. We need to focus on organizational agility, as well as strategic agility. Ernst and Chrobot-Mason introduced these practices in their 2011 book “Boundary Spanning Leadership”. Join me in sharing my experience using Boundary Spanning Practices at a large financial institution to enable an enterprise agile transformation that sticks, while introducing the practices to you and giving you hands on practice. We will speed-date through each practice to give you an idea of how it works, with resources to dig deeper if this appeals to you.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

This session is meant as an introduction to Boundary Spanning Practices, and will be a fast paced speed-dating with each practice. The attendees will be given information on ways to learn more.

10 Minutes – Introduction: Why boundary spanning is needed and when to use it. Claire will share when it was introduced to her, why she chose this technique and clues for when you might need some or all of the practices.

Each practice exercise will be introduced, then using volunteers from the group to role play, guided by scenarios supplied to them. The volunteers are encouraged to ad-lib their role within the guard rails of the scenario and personality of the group s/he represents.

5 Minutes – Introduction of Boundary Buffering with Role Play

5 Minutes – Introduction of Reflecting with Role Play

5 Minutes – Introduction of Connecting with Role Play

5 Minutes – Introduction of Mobilizing with Role Play

5 Minutes – Introduction of Weaving with Role Play

5 Minutes – Introduction of Transforming with Role Play

5 Minutes – Closing and Wrap-Up

Learning Outcome

Learn techniques to extend agility to the entire business

Learn specifically about the Boundary Spanning Practices

Understand the intent behind the Boundary Spanning Practices and when they might be needed

Target Audience

Anyone in an agile organization looking to connect and extend agility beyond the current bounds

Prerequisites for Attendees

These techniques can apply to anyone working beyond the team level.


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