Agile Coaching and Organizational Change Management - The Power Couple to Improve Agile Outcomes

Agile coaching is essential as keeper of the agile flame in an agile organization or transformation, but we can’t do it alone and have a lot to learn from Organizational Change Management. The traditional Organizational Change Management practice emphasizes the human aspect that should be primary focus if we want to influence the “culture” of an organization, beyond basic agile practices. In this session, we will look at the ADKAR model for change, and how to combine that with agile frameworks to make a lasting cultural foundation in your organization, to create true business agility beyond the IT department.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Using Training from the Back of the Room techniques, the attendees will get the opportunity to assess their own organization through the lens of Organizational Change Management and Agile Coaching. This will give participants the opportunity to walk away with some ideas about how to apply this in their own organization.

5 Minutes - Introduction of Scope of Traditional Agile Organizations – We generally think of Agile Centers of Excellence, Agile Transformation Offices etc, limited to the software development or IT departments. Let’s imagine the agile coaching as a competency being a shared services among organizations.

10 Minutes - Share a story – Example of success using Organizational Change Management, Strategic Communications as well as an agile coaching team at a large financial regulator to create success. Lesson learned in large Federal Government organization where agile was relegated to just Technical Agile teams without emphasis on leadership and end to end agility, where it caused more pain than good.

5 Minutes – Interactive gathering of data at tables – Participants share their own pain points in pairs

10 Minutes - Introduction of ADKAR Model and why it helps – Step through the ADKAR model and how each step applies to multiple levels of the organization. Describe who would be involved, what is needed in each step, and how to make ADKAR less linear and more experimental, on a cadence with multiple learning loops.

10 Minutes – Activity Map your Journey using the ADKAR model, what was missing? – Using a handout with the ADKAR model, participants will fill in potential gaps in their adoption, or current agile journey and share with their table.

5 Minutes – Wrap-Up – Keep the conversation going, create awareness in your agile adoption.

Learning Outcome

Understand the importance of the human factor in agile journeys, especially outside IT

Understand how to map Agile Work to the ADKAR model to ensure you are accounting for how the change will be rolled out

Taking a broader look at how Culture is influenced by how the agile roll-out happens.

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Executives, Managers, Team Members, or anyone who is part of an agile organization

Prerequisites for Attendees

Attendees do not need any prior knowledge


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