- Interactive Tool Design (UX/UI) and Development (Drupal) is an award winning USDA sponsored government project site.

When Metro Star Systems won the contract for, there was one developer and one UX/UI Designer. We were tasked with creating a new site that was easy to navigate, simple to use, and eventually, we would need to create interactive tools for farmers and producers to use in various places throughout the site.

We'll discuss our method for building out the site, the design system that we're currently working on, some of the challenges that we've encountered, and how we worked with government release trains.

Attendees will learn about our site, how we plan things, how we scope our development tasks, how we deploy, and how we design the site with our end users in mind. We'll discuss analytics and how they are used to make UX/UI decisions.

Lastly, we'll touch on the tools that we've build for and how they were build with our users in mind. We'll also talk about how we built our most recent tool for Farm Loan Discovery.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The beginnings of

Our first deployment and lessons learned

UX/UI Design for Farmers and Producers

Interactive Tool building in Drupal and how we completed our most recent tool

Learning Outcome

Attendees should walk away with an understanding of how they can use analytics and data gathering to create a site with their users in mind. They will also gain some knowledge about Drupal and how decoupled tools are built on

Target Audience

Developers, Government Contractors, UX/UI Designers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Attendees need no prerequisites.

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    • Lisa Cooney
      Lisa Cooney
      Principal Agile Coach
      schedule 1 year ago
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      45 Mins

      People don't like being told what to do, especially knowledge workers. Yet in many work settings we give feedback that is directive in nature. What would it be like to receive feedback that, instead of making us ashamed of our failures, helped us to learn and grow? What would it be like to give feedback that enabled deep and sustained learning and growth in another person, while still being perfectly honest?

      During this talk you will learn about Developmental Feedback, which enables the giver of the feedback to be clear and speak truth, and enables the receiver of the feedback to absorb it without defensiveness, and with a sense of invitation to learn and grow. You will learn about a variety of feedback types, how to have a "shared sensemaking conversation," what Impact Feedback and "The Story I Tell Myself" feedback actually are, and review sample dialogues. We will explore the conditions necessary for effective developmental feedback conversations, such as psychological safety and timeliness. You will emerge with a practical tool you can use with anyone (not just at work) to speak your truth while respecting the other person’s humanity, leading to lasting change and deeper relationships.

    • Saya Sone

      Saya Sone - Collaborate SAFe & Design For Better Product Performance

      Saya Sone
      Saya Sone
      Agile Coach
      OCTO Consulting
      schedule 1 year ago
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      45 Mins

      While our program has grown up to have 16 teams, our Design Systems team still has the same amount of resources. We ran into a question - should we add more resources or find a better way to integrate SAFe (Scaling Agile Framework) along with the design process? Another concern is that the Design Systems team receives many ad hoc requests from different teams that are asking for the same prototype with a slightly different flavor. Our architects and designers are also not usually in sync of the UI/UX dynamics.

      This workshop will present a 4-D (Discover, Define, Design, and Deliver) model to help the Design Systems team integrate with all development teams to plan wisely to avoid duplicates or last-minute requests. The 4-D model aims to follow Agile and Lean principles to promote increased collaboration and interaction among individuals and teams. The model uses Design Thinking and Lean Startup concepts to design the right systems to gain customer values. Most importantly, our Design Systems team can improve their stakeholder engagement with shorter planning of iteration where our development team can produce software faster. The 4-D model proves a better product performance that requires more collaborative and shared design work with frequent agile delivery of customer-valued products. We anticipate UI/UX designers, architects, portfolio managers, product owners, project managers, scrum masters, and agile coaches who want to learn how to collaborate SAFe and design for better product performance join this workshop and take away the technique to improve their enterprise level of design processes.