Key to Creating Human-Centered Products and Services (using Design Thinking Framework)

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In the world where we are consumed by the next cool technology, how do we create organizations that build products and services that can last? The answer is to create products and services that are centered around human needs and solving for their problems. How? Using Design Thinking.

During the session, you will find out how to identify your user groups, create user persona through hypothesis and validation, and hear our experience on organizations that thrive using this to solve your everyday needs!

Let's all build a world that cares!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Experience through eye of the customer
    • Let's talk about what hasn't worked
  • Key to understanding the customer
    • Build Hypothesis
    • Validate
    • Create User Persona
    • Create User Maps
  • Why it works
  • Q&A

Learning Outcome

  • Allow users to be curious about one another
  • Learn a new technique to create user persona
  • Hearing stories about human-centered designed products and services
  • Start to be interested in building better solutions

Target Audience

Anyone interested in creating sustaining products and services. Whether you're in IT or Product, we all work together to create the best solutions for our customers!

Prerequisites for Attendees


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