Creating an effective, idea generating, problem solving team does not happen overnight. It is a pain-staking process that takes time and consistent application. The magic of creating an effective team often occurs in the background, so covert that high performing teams are not even aware of how they became that way. The consistent application of subtle Agile techniques can empower teams to generate ideas and provide solutions, creating an innovation culture.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Speech Outline:


    • Discuss innovation cultures
    • Discuss innovation behaviors


(Audience Participation)

    • Audience helps associate Agile ceremonies with creating a specific innovation culture.


    • Provide advice on how to create innovation cultures.
    • Provide key takeaways.

Learning Outcome

  • Learn about innovation cultures.
  • Learn about innovation behaviors.
  • Understand how to create innovation behaviors with Agile ceremonies.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Practitioners, Product Owners

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should have performed Agile ceremonies with teams.

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    • Valerio Zanini

      Valerio Zanini - Deliver great products and the art of measuring outcomes

      Valerio Zanini
      Valerio Zanini
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      45 Mins

      Creating a new product is an exciting and demanding job. What if you go through all of that work, get your product out the door, and your customers don't like it? This is the curse of the "Delivery Gap", that is having a product in-market but failing to meet customer needs. The 5 Dimensions of Great Products (Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy, and Deliver) is a framework that helps us plan and build a product while delivering value to customers as quickly as possible.

      By having a focus on the outcomes we want to deliver to customers, we can ensure to build the right thing. We'll discuss how to three main types of metrics - business, customers, and telemetry - support the delivery of great products and the right outcomes for your customers.

      This workshop is based on the recently published book "Deliver Great Products That Customers Love" by the author.

      Link to the presentation: