Understanding and Prioritizing Organizational Issues

More and more organizations are getting frustrated with Agile implementation. Development Teams go through the motions of Agile while continuing to do Waterfall or some other various of "Agile" the leadership does not see the promised productivity of enhanced value earlier.

There is a major disconnect between desire and reality is huge. Overwhelmed the leadership teams either do not have the bandwidth to take a deep dive into the reason for failure or they depute this to coaches to fix this issue, the coaches fail as they do not have the authority of make changes to make Agile work within their environment.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop/Game

This interactive session will have the following structure

  1. Introduce the issue
  2. Solicit solutions from the attendees who will be broken into various teams of 4-6 people
  3. Boil down the learning from the audience
  4. Introduce various techniques of organizational retrospective to provide the leadership with a targeted list of things to fix.

Learning Outcome

Learning Outcome

  1. Learning to Identify various organization impediments for Agile implementation
  2. Learn how to prioritize the organizational impediment list for the leadership

Target Audience

This session will be relevant to people doing transformation/ Coaching within various organizations

Prerequisites for Attendees

Knowledge of the Scrum Cycle

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