"Design Sprint as an Innovation Tool" is a workshop that aims to provide participants with a framework for action and experimentation in solving complex problems. During the workshop, the Design Sprint methodology is explored through practical exercises to teach participants the importance of collective intelligence in the search for user-centric solutions that consistently generate value and mitigate the risk of innovation projects.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop/Game

Part 1: The Design Sprint process is explained in a real life context. The purpose of this part is to share the experience with the participants to identify the 5 phases for the resolution of a problem and also to present in an empirical way the concepts of experimentation for identification and validation of business opportunities.

Part 2: Then, participants work on an exploration workshop to start solving a problem related to the implementation of experimentation methodologies in companies.

Part 3: Conclusion. A quick summary of why using a Design Sprint, success conditions, logistical resources and questions as needed.

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn to use an experimentation framework that tackles obstacles during their product and innovation process within their company or own project. A framework that encourages them to translate strategy into concrete action in order to accomplish their objectives.

Target Audience

Professionals who develop in the management of products and innovation in companies, employees of companies in full agile transformation or agile coaches in search of improvement of their tools and performances. Our target audience is also professionals who are eager to explore product agility, to improve their product team’s agile skills. Also, those who work in HR and who seek talent in product and innovation management.

Prerequisites for Attendees



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