Defining And Leveraging Agnostic Agile For Transformation

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If I were to ask you to recommend a standardized agility enablement methodology or framework that leverages the application of the agile manifesto to support the delivery of software which one would you recommend? I too asked myself such questions when I realized that I needed to select a license that would equip me with the Agile framework tools needed to enable organizational agility. I have discovered that all my licenses availed the tools that charted my way towards the implementation and effective agility transformation by adopting the agile manifesto.

As we continue to enable organizational agility, we have learnt that 'thought leadership' and 'decisive decision making' is an invaluable component for teams that are at the nascent or maturity phases of their agile transformation journey. Recently, I had the honor of participating in a very elightening and informative agility enablement session that was hosted by the co-author of the Agile Manifesto - Arie Van Bennekum CPF at the British Computer Society in the UK. I came away with lessons that affirmed my belief that 'one size does not fit all' when it comes to selecting agile frameworks and tools. Of these lessons, I will curate a session that equips agile practitioners with answers to questions like "what is agnostic agile?", "does agnostic agile work?", "what does it take to implement agnostic agile?", and "how can you transform using this methodology?".

My talk will be delivered using a real agilist story that leverages Joseph campbell's stages of the hero's journey where we shall review the hero's 'call to adventure', 'the initiation act, and 'the return act'.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

(A) Brief Agile transformation journey story (The hero's 'call to adventure', 'the initiation phase', 'the return phase')

(B) Definition of 'agnostic agile'

(C) The opposite of 'agnostic agile'

(D) How to transform using agnostic agile

Learning Outcome

(i) Identification of agility enablement process improvement decision points.

(ii) An understanding of agnostic agile roles and responsibilities.

(iii)Application of the agile manifesto principles for the achievement of agnostic agile methodology.

Target Audience

Product Owners, Agilist, Program Managers, Executive Leaders, Release Train Engineers, Scrum Masters

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should well versed with the principles behind the 'Agile Manifesto' and Agile framework examples.



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