Working with Offshore and Remote Team in Agile World

My experience and lessons going from having a dedicated, full-time, in-person Scrum team, to a team with limited resources, off-shore and remote. While I have attempted to be the Agile evangelist, I had to re-think the way I explain and manage team members. Having team members doubt whether Agile can work in our environment has been a personal challenge as someone who has loved and championed Agile.

I firmly believe it is not just about the tools and meetings you have in scrum, but about empowering everyone around you to work efficiently. Leading agile cross-functional teams while instilling positivity, openness and creativity to produce timely and quality deliverables is my passion, as well as teaching the advantages of agile processes to other professionals.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • Experience at Booz Allen Hamilton managing a Scrum Team and difference with current small team environment
  • Building and maintaining a powerful project team and organization using agile frameworks
  • Training external project staff members and empower others to take Agile courses
  • Overcoming Language and Time Zone barriers
  • Collaboration tools that I have benefited the most

Learning Outcome

  • Ways to build confidence within the delivery team for high output
  • Providing a synthesis of best practices within your team and organization to build engagement and adoption
  • Working around language and time zone barriers

Target Audience

Ideally managers or ScrumMasters facing challenges in the virtual world

Prerequisites for Attendees

ScrumMasters, Project Managers, Remote staff are ideal

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