The Value of Preserving the Agile Mindset in 3d Party Vendor Contracts

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Ignoring the importance of including a commitment to the Agile Mindset in a 3d party vendor contract introduces "mindset" and "collaboration" risk for the Project. These risks manifest into a prolonged (and more costly) effort to coach a team to a high performing state. In several cases, the team will never reach a state of high performance because of the obstacles that were introduced when the contract was executed. The end result is lower Return on Investment (ROI) for the capital invested into the Agile team and Project as a whole. This Lightning Talk will highlight several common practices observed in the industry that originate with a signature on a contract, but which directly conflict with the Agile Manifesto and Principles.


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

- Problem Statement

- Real, Common industry examples of current vendor contract structure that clash with the Agile Manifesto & Principles

- Expansion of the examples to highlight associated "cost" incurred by not addressing the Agile Mindset in the Contract

Learning Outcome

Increased awareness that there is a need to "shift left" and prevent downstream coaching problems and team inefficiencies by structuring contracts correctly, prior to "Sprint 1".

Target Audience

Coaches, PMO, Developmnent Leadership, Procurement / Vendor Management, Staff Augmentation Agencies, Outsourcers, anyone else who is affected by this industry problem...

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understand the importance of the following when it comes to coaching a team of contractors to a higher level of performance:

- Commitment to collaboration

- Commitment to mindset

- Common commitment to success (specifically: what does the vendor define as "success" and what does the client define as "success")

- Commitment to an environment of Trust

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    Date driven behaviors are common in many pre-agile organizations. They are as bad as sin and produce bad outcomes when considered through a long range lens. This presentation targeted to managers and leaders in organizations in the early stages of agile transformation. Scott will lead an entertaining and provocative look at how classical date driven behaviors often produce outcomes that are the opposite of what those leaders ultimately desire. Scott will suggest an experiment to focus on the virtue of frequently delivering incremental value as an alternative to those date driven sins.