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Product management and the public sector seem to go together like oil and water. After all, when was the last time that you experienced a government product that you really enjoyed using? It might be rare, but user enthusiasm for products in the public sector isn’t fiction. Current Product Manager of FBI’s Sentinel and former Technical Director of Department of Defense product portfolios, Jason Gudalis will provide a deep dive into building products that elicit passion by:

  • Capitalizing on the strengths of the public sector to foster healthy product development
  • Mitigating the weaknesses of the public sector to protect healthy product development

From eliminating the barriers between users and product teams to rapidly streamlining processes, he’ll share the lessons and stories that fundamentally shaped his approach to agile development and product management -- and helped him create lovable product experiences in the unlikeliest of places: the federal government.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

- Contrast of what product development means in the public and private sector

- Cover ways to know if you're product is truly on the right track

- Effective team organization, including on cross-functional roles, size, and product focus

- Organization of a product team's workload, balancing tech debt to user feedback

- Mechanisms to streamline decision-making and encourage customer centrism

- Benefits and procedures for increasing product team responsibility to include product issues

Learning Outcome

- Strengths in the public sector to capitalize on for agile development and product management

- Weaknesses in the public sector to mitigate for agile development and product management

- Effective and efficient team organization

- Agile and healthy execution of requirements

- Mechanisms to make organizations more customer focused

Target Audience

Anyone with an association to an agile team

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should have some familiarity with agile methodologies.

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