Zero to One: A Journey of DevOps and Agile in a large government organization

The story begins with a team that has no experience in Agile development and no DevOps capabilities. This team is part of a large government health agency engaged in transformation.

The team needs to deliver solid applications, embrace a customer-focused paradigm, and create software solutions to reduced processing backlog from years to weeks.

This session reviews the journey of one team that started without processes, without version control and without deployment tools or rules and ends with sturdy technical and agile foundation.

Join Steve Teske and Adil Faisal as they tell the story of vision, milestones, struggles, triumphs and loose ends.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • The starting point: Zero Agile, Zero DevOps
  • Stair Step Strategy to evolve
    • Debate on the desired outcomes, what do we really want
    • A rough draft that looks like a magic path
    • The pretty picture we all believed in actually needs some stringent measures to get it done.
  • Technical Milestones
    • Expecting the moon might be nice, but climbing on the roof is a better starting place.
    • Most debates about technical things are about a mindset, not the superiority of this or that.
    • Ex. Technical Milestone: 'Code in the Repo' - the foundation for software team collaboration.
    • Ex. Technical Milestone: 'PRs for Code' = each person does at least one Pull Request that ends up being merged to the master branch and pushed to production.
    • Ex. Technical Milestone: 'Code Deploy' = each person pushes a release to production using the semi-automated pipeline
    • ...and there are a few more in the real presentation.
  • Agile Process Milestones
    • Practices are really hard without principles so get those first
    • If you need to train teams in collaboration, you got to write stories that require it (even if it costs more)
  • Measuring along the way
    • How to measure too much and bury yourself
    • How to measure about right and help yourself
    • Ex. Measuring team Engagement: Pull Request Engagement = number of pull request submitters in a sprint / total people on the team.
  • Making it from Zero to One
    • It's not a perfect world, but it's One Team that learns together

From Zero DevOps, Zero agile to One Team that collaborates and delivers required some considerable debates and struggles to define the outcomes even in the mid-stride of training and coaching technical and agile practices.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand how technical milestones are developed and used along the technical evolution path
  • Understand how agile milestones are created and used along the process evolution path
  • Understand how to avoid over-measuring during transformation

Target Audience

Technical Coaches, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Engineering Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

This talk assumes the audience has an understanding of DevOps and Agile vocabulary.

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