Becoming Your Own Life Coach – Taking Charge of Life with a 4-Sprint Experiment

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Maybe feeling overwhelmed by life? I've been there. Come with me on my scrum journey to coach myself from “couch potato” to “life coach hero"!

One evening, while feeling unproductive at home, I thought, "why not use what I do at work, at home?" Scrum can motivate teams, increase productivity, and create a better working environment. Why couldn't I do the same?

I decided to put core scrum concepts to the test. I dedicated myself to 4 sprints in an attempt to accomplish more and improve my quality of life. With a physical Kanban board and some initial stories lined up in my product backlog, I was off. During each week’s sprint, I conducted Sprint Planning, Backlog Refinement, Daily Stand-ups, “Demos”, and Retrospectives. Yes, just with myself.

4 weeks, 4 sprints, 1 me – big results? Come and find out if it was worthwhile and how you can apply these techniques to your life or even to your teams. Become your own life coach!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Why did I decide to try Scrum for 4 weeks? – 5 mins
  2. Set up of the experiment – 5 mins
  3. Discussion of 3 key scrum concepts:
    1. Visualization of work – 5 mins
    2. Capacity/Velocity to help achieve your goals -10 mins
    3. Prioritization – 5 mins
  4. Key takeaways and reflections – pros and cons – 10 mins
  5. Questions/Answers – 5 mins

Learning Outcome

  1. Understand the general scrum cycle as it applies to personal life
    1. Learn how to set up your own experiment!
  2. Examine 3 key scrum concepts and their effectiveness for personal use:
    1. Motivate yourself to act through visualization of work
    2. Get yourself to set achievable goals and build confidence using capacity & velocity
    3. Pick the right items for success with prioritization
  3. Analyze how IT professional scrum translates to personal scrum and vice versa
  4. Identify at least one scrum concept to try in areas of your own life

Target Audience

Anyone interested in getting motivated using scrum

Prerequisites for Attendees

Knowledge of the general scrum cycle is recommended.

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