Agile and DevOps transformations are starting to get board level visibility as the need to become a software innovator becomes critical to company survival. But how many of these transformations are on track in terms of producing the results that the business is expecting? How many business leaders are tracking actual delivery results of transformations, rather than measuring via project plans and cost centers? The fundamental problem is that the way transformations are structured has a very different meaning to the technology side than it does to the business. Key Agile concepts that should be shared, such as velocity and technical debt, are not part of the language of the business. It is these disconnects that cause large-scale transformations to fall off the rails.

In this talk, Zoe Vickers will present examples of failed transformations such as Nokia and a Top 25 Bank and discuss how the Flow Framework – a new framework from Dr. Mik Kersten’s best-selling book “Project to Product” – will provide the critical glue between the hierarchical and finance-oriented structures of the business and the agility enabled by delivery teams adopting SAFe.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This presentation will begin by outlining why Agile transformations have been failing and why they are continuing to fail. I will then discuss the business and IT disconnect that enterprises are facing and introduce the Flow Framework as a means to provide a common language for IT and Business leaders. I will then discuss how the Flow Framework in parallel with SAFe can ensure a successful Agile transformation.

Learning Outcome

  • To define productivity in a value stream, and where the bottleneck lies, enterprises must first define what flows.
  • By adopting product-centric thinking, IT can transition from an outdated “cost model” to a profit center.
  • The Flow Framework™ equips technology leaders with a common language to use with business stakeholders to set priorities and measure SAFe outcomes.

Target Audience

IT and Business leaders looking to take their SAFe transformation beyond local optimizations.

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