Applying Product Mindset in a Federal Research Institute

Bringing about agile transformation in a federal agency that is primarily responsible for free dissemination of scientific data and tools relevant to biotechnology and biomedicine poses a unique set of challenges. The agency has embarked on a journey to modernize the legacy systems some which are more than a couple of decades old. One key area of focus in this transformation was a shift from functional siloed teams to stable cross-functional teams.

In this session we will share the Agile techniques and practices being applied to help transition the leadership, traditional project managers and team members to a management framework based on product based software delivery. The session will present the challenges encountered related to cultural habits, organizational structure and deep-rooted traditional practices.

Main areas of interest covered will be:

  • Identifying Value Streams
  • Redefining roles
  • Stable feature teams as an organizational building block
  • Framework to support multiple feature teams

Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

1. Introductions

2. Defining the Problems

4. Challenges encountered

5. Identifying Value Streams

6. Redefining roles

7. Stable feature teams as an organizational building block

8. Framework to support multiple feature teams

Learning Outcome

The purpose of this presentation is to share the challenges encountered in applying agile practices in a research environment. How these challenges are being addressed and overcome gradually. So that other agile leaders and change agents in other federal and private institutes can learn and benefit from our experience, and accelerate their own transformation.

Target Audience

This is targeted towards people in leadership roles in government agencies, research institutes, agile coaches and agile transformation agents

Prerequisites for Attendees

Have understanding of agile practices namely scrum and kanban and some basic understanding of scaling.


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