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Sometimes we get so focused on big outcomes, like scaling Agile or an Agile Transformation, that we forget to celebrate the small things that, in aggregate, actually determine whether or not we will be successful.

Agility is a universe of small things: small stories, small increments, small teams... it's a culture of thinking small to do big things. It's no surprise then that the road to business agility is built upon recognizing and celebrating small wins in order to shift the culture and mindset in a way that will last.

This Lightning Talk is an opportunity to see why, in our world of coaching and transforming, it pays to sweat the small stuff.


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

- Introduction

- A pop culture of smallness, the Agile culture of smallness

- Why celebrating small wins is a prerequisite habit for achieving business agility

- Recognizing micro wins and micro stresses

- Applying this principle to change management

Learning Outcome

Participants will come away with an easy, lightweight approach to taking their teams, and their org culture, to the next level.

Target Audience

Change Agents

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites other than an interest in finding easy, fun ways to help shape a culture of Agility!

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