Experience Report: Agile Transformation of Marketing & Creative

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While Agile practices are more commonly adopted by Software Development, DevOps, and IT teams, they can be successfully applied to Marketing and Creative teams. In this experience report, you will hear the trials and tribulations endured over the course of a year to move Marketing and Creative from a hand-off focused workflow to Agile within a fintech company.

You will hear lessons learned, including how to adjust Agile software development practices and frameworks for the concerns of Marketing and Creative teams. You will see the anti-patterns developed and how, with the support of leadership, to coach the team towards healthier norms. You will learn how I successfully gathered competing needs of a variety of stakeholders and prioritized the work in order to meet deadlines and achieve excellence. The resulting teams were far more powerful than that created using "assembly line" practices, partly due to increased collaboration and the breaking down of silos.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

35 minute presentation and 10 minute Q&A.

  1. Pre-Agile Conditions - 10 minutes
    • Teams and their perspectives
    • Human challenges
    • Technical challenges
  2. Agile Transformation: Forming & Storming - 10 minutes
    • Overlapping teams (increased vertical slicing)
    • Framework used
    • Tools implementation
    • Practices and ceremonies
    • Team identity conflicts and mistakes made
  3. Agile Transformation: Norming - 5 minutes
    • Executive support
    • Undoing anti-patterns
  4. Closing Thoughts - 5 minutes
  5. Q&A - 10 minutes

This session was previously presented at the DC Women in Agile meetup in May 2019. The feedback was wonderful; based on it, I made some adjustments.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the commitment required to instill Agile practices to a new team from a new business application.
  • Explore new ways of using Agile tools and concepts to help said teams achieve their goals.
  • Analyze the balancing act of being a Scrum Master applicable to all teams:
    • Coach vs. White Knight: Guide your teams to become self-organizing as opposed to doing things for them.
    • Empathy vs. Enabling: Validate the feelings of the team and encourage camaraderie and teamwork.
    • Conflict of Interest: Taking on duties that belong to multiple roles (i.e. SM and PO), regardless of how good your intentions may be, causes significantly more harm than good.

Target Audience

Agents of Change and any Agilist interested in Transformations or Agile outside of IT

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites.

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