Agile Thinking: Lessons from Kindergarten

In this session we’ll use a team building, design thinking exercise to illustrate how Agile delivery can lead to more successful outcomes in a wide variety of projects. We’ll address how to uncover hidden assumptions, the different formats for KM teams, and why input should be accepted from all quarters. Most importantly, participants will walk away attuned to the prospect that firm commitments to their ‘first idea' might overshadow their ‘best idea.’ While projects of the past might have called for extensive planning and a single delivery moment, we’ll talk about how you should engage users and deliver incrementally. Following this presentation, participants will have a new lens through which to execute projects that they might not have initially thought lend themselves to Agile frameworks.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop/Game

This begins with a 25-minute design-thinking exercise (2 for instructions, 18 for the exercise itself, 5 minutes to 'measure' the success of each team). It's then followed by a 20-minute debrief of lessons learned.

Learning Outcome

Participants will understand the value of 1) iteration versus extensive planning, 2) how failing fast feeds success, 3) how an Agile approach to testing uncovers hidden assumptions quickly not present in a waterfall models, and 4) flat teams with Agile roles promote success.

Target Audience

Great for both novice and expert Agilists alike. Beginners will walk away with an "ah-ha" moment in the application of Agile. Experts will leave with a wonderful new Agile teaching tool.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants require no prior knowledge to attend this session


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