Giant Leaps - An Agile Generations Moonshot

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"When you have hundreds of thousands of people all doing their job a little better than they have to, you get an improvement in performance. And that's the only reason we could have pulled this whole thing off" Neil Armstrong
The successful Apollo 11 mission to the moon was made possible by a group of individuals given a clear but lofty goal to put an American on the moon within 8 years. Men and women worked together through iterative Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs to deliver on President Kennedy's promise to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. Many of the decisions, practices, and mindsets of the Apollo 11 engineering team uphold agile values and principles. The talk will explain those similarities and challenge the next generation of technologists to once again activate around a common vision and shoot for the moon.


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

1. Describe the need for change in 1969 prior to apollo lauch

2. Draw parallels between NASA moon programs and Agile values and principles

3. Call to action: it's 50 years later and we have agile - what more can we do? Inspire the next generation of agile leaders to contribute in new ways

Learning Outcome

  • Understand that iteration, alignment towards a common vision, just enough documentation, and face to face communication enabled NASA to successfully reach the moon
  • Feel empowered to apply agile to the worlds BIG problems and contribute to society

Target Audience

Anyone who feels agile can be used to accomplish great changes in society

Prerequisites for Attendees


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