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Fledging and mature Agile teams go through periods where their ceremonies lack the desired level of engagement. In this session, we'll work together to identify common behaviors and anti-patterns of one of the iconic Agile ceremonies and discuss ways to get your teams to re-engage in ways that support self-organization, agility, and adaptability.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop/Game

Section Timebox Tools Needed Description
Presenter and Topic Introductions 3 minutes PPT Slides, Laptop, Projector and Screen

Introduce the facilitators, their background, and why they are here today

Define and anti pattern

Which Ceremonies Do You Want to Discuss 3 minutes  

Go to the flip chart area of the room with the ceremony you'd like to discuss further

  • Retrospectives
  • Daily stand up/scrum
  • PI planning
  • Sprint Planning
Ceremony - Current state at your organization 10 minutes Flip Charts and Markers
  • In groups, discuss current ceremony facilitation practices: Who runs them, what questions are asked, how is engagement
  • Rapid fire share out around the room to discuss current state
Ceremony - Are we getting what we need out of these sessions? 10 minutes Flip Charts and Markers
  • Define what a successful ceremony looks like in your context and discuss 
  • How do these desired outcomes align with what you're seeing?
  • Share questions, methods, tips and tricks to support outcomes and engagement based on identified anti patterns and behaviors 
Walk the Walls 5 minutes Flip Charts and Markers
  • Take a stroll around the room to look at the other ceremonies discussed, patterns identified, and potential methods to increase ceremony value
Closing 5 minutes N/A Summarize common patterns, remind attendees to keep the outcomes of these ceremonies top of mind and continuously improve and adjust them to achieve those whys
Q&A 5 minutes N/A Questions from the audience


Learning Outcome

  • Provide attendees with an opportunity to learn and share their observed patterns/anti-patterns for iconic Agile ceremonies 
  • Coach attendees on ways to reorient these ceremonies back to their desired outcomes as a way to revitalize them and support further engagement

Target Audience

Ceremony facilitators (scrum masters, agile coaches) and Agile leaders

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