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Most of us have experienced painful Sprint planning meetings. The meeting is painful because no one understands the requirements, or they are not yet prioritized, or they are barely written with no acceptance criteria. How does your team know when your product backlog items/user stories/requirements are ready to be brought into Sprint planning and ready to be worked on?


Then, once the item is done, how do we know if it’s really done? If a team member walks up to you and says, “This item is done”, what does that really mean? Does it mean it works on their machine? Does it mean it's been thoroughly tested and peer reviewed? Does it mean legal and security have looked at it?


In this session we will explore the concepts of Definition of Ready (going past the INVEST concept many of us know so well), which creates a checklist so that we know when a product backlog items is ready to be started. We will also explore Definition of Done, a checklist to help us understand what it really means to be done.




Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Understanding the pain points with Sprint planning (5 min)
  2. Overview of Product Backlog Refinement (5 min)
  3. Examples of refinement and tips for refinement (5 min)
  4. Reviewing a 7 point checklist for Definition of Ready (5 min)
  5. Discuss need for definition of done (5 min)
  6. Exercise to create a definition of done (10 min)
  7. Understanding levels of doneness and what it means to be done-done (5 min)

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding definition of ready and why it's helpful
  • Having a 7 point checklist as a starting point for definition of ready
  • Understanding the need for a common definition of done
  • Having a technique to create definition of done

Target Audience

ScrumMaster, Developers, Product Owner

Prerequisites for Attendees

Working knowledge of Scrum is helpful. 



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