Agile’s Trojan Horse: How Marketers are Leading the Way to Enterprise Agility

Are your Agile transformation efforts seemingly siloed within technology? Are they struggling to breakthrough for broader impact within your business? Then a Trojan Horse may be just what you need.

Enterprise agility is the future of business and a must-have operating model for modern organizations. Yet, only a tiny fraction of organizations have successfully managed a complete Agile transformation because winning the fight to fully integrate Agile ways of working throughout non-technology functions is challenging.

Fortunately, one function has been quietly infiltrating what was once considered only the domain of software and IT. Marketers are creating strong alliances with technology teams, championing the cause for faster delivery of customer value, and paving the way to Agile ways of working for all.

Leveraging insights from the State of Agile Marketing Reports (now in its 5th year) along with learnings from numerous Agile Marketing transformations, this session showcases why marketers are on the cutting edge of agility, how they're adapting Agile to work for them, and what this means for business agility as a whole.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Below is the agenda and attached are starter slides.

High-Level Flow:
0:00 What does the current state of Agile marketing tell us about the trajectory of business agility?
0:10 How can lessons from marketing agility inform efforts outside the function?
0:20 Real life Trojan horse stories to show how marketers can help agility infiltrate all parts of the enterprise.
0:40 Q&A

Learning Outcome

During this highly practical sessions, you’ll:

  • Examine 5 years of data from the State of Agile Marketing Report, digging into the 3 lessons learned (related to people, process, and systems) that will help you equip non-technical Agile teams for sustained success
  • Understand the 3 components of Agile learning (formal, social, and on-the-job) and how to apply them across the Business Agility transformational journey (discover, pilot, scale, self-sustain)
  • Learn the common Agile transformation trials, triumphs, and anti-patterns and how to coach teams, leaders, and stakeholders to embrace the learnings and avoid the pitfalls

Target Audience

Those interested in application of Agile outside of the IT context

Prerequisites for Attendees

This session will build on foundational knowledge associated with Agile. While someone in the learning phase can benefit, it will be targeted more towards people already practicing.



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