In this session, attendees will experience the journey of a mid-size agile government contractor company in the DC Area that found itself in the midst of a pandemic with the need to adapt to a fully remote working environment in a quest to find "The New Normal". Attendees will witness the struggles undergone by this company to re-discover the original spirit of the agile manifesto, experiment with new ways of working in this new setting, and the realization that adapting effectively isn't about finding "The New Normal" but rather establishing "The New Awesome" in the cultures of teams and the company. This talk supplements Matias' recent article in the 2022 Q2 issue of "Emergence - The Journal Of Business Agility" by the Business Agility Institute titled, "Forget the New Normal, Find the New Awesome" and provides a more in-depth view into the journey undergone.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

1) Life before the pandemic

2) Impacts of the panemic

3) Learning to adapt (The New Normal)

4) Lessons Learned (The New Awesome)

Learning Outcome

Attendees will walk away with:

Tools and Techniques for Effective Remote Work

Insights into Balancing Remote and In-Person Work

Insights for Organizational Development

Target Audience

Agilists in Remote Work Environments - Government Technology context

Prerequisites for Attendees


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