Agility Goes Viral: Infectious concepts for the world beyond IT

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Have you ever noticed that some people, or yourself, were already doing agile intuitively before it was called “agile”? This observation emerged early in my agile journey and further validated as I started learning more about the field and history of virology. My father is a renowned virologist who worked with many international health policy agencies such as the World Health Organization; and I was fortunate enough to learn about virology through his teachings and publications in vaccine development and epidemics.  

Agility has manifested throughout history, across trades and beyond modern businesses and IT. However, we often overlook these great examples of agility in practice because we focus on our own industry and domains of practice. During this talk I will share examples of where agility manifested in the field and history of virology and how agile values helped propel vaccine development, scientific paradigm shifts and immunization campaigns. By discovering stories of how  agile values were intuitively applied in different domains of practice, attendees may realize the greater presence of agility in the world and find opportunities to gather insights from those experiences.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

During this talk, I will explore how agility appeared throughout the history of virology. Specifically, I will discuss how agile values helped propel various scientific developments, campaigns, etc. in the field of virology, such as: 


  • Edward Jenner’s breakthrough approach to developing the first vaccine
  • The knowledge evolution and adoption of new scientific paradigms in Yellow Fever disease 
  • Agile and innovative Polio immunization campaigns
  • The Kuhn cycle - revolutions in scientific development


My talk will be interactive and engaging. I will include minimal slides, encourage participation, and open opportunities to ask questions throughout and at the end of the presentation. I may also bring some historical medical artifacts from my dad’s collection for show-and-tell. 


At the time of this submission, I am still trying to convince my dad to join me in the presentation as co-presenter. Crossing fingers and toes!

Learning Outcome

  • Provide concrete examples of the impact of agility that go beyond modern businesses or the IT industry. 
  • Describe how they can apply agile values to make a meaningful impact on our broader global context

Target Audience

Anyone interested in learning more about agility outside of IT

Prerequisites for Attendees


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  • Shannon Ewan

    Shannon Ewan - Five Things Leaders need to Unlearn to Enable Agility

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    Shannon Ewan
    Managing Director
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    When we think of becoming agile leaders, we recognize that we have a lot to learn, but do we also see how much we have to unlearn? Letting go of old paradigms, conventional wisdom and ingrained habits around leadership can unleash a new world of possibility for our teams and organizations. 

    Many of us understand the logic behind the key principles of agile leadership, but we find them much harder to implement in practice. For example, what does it mean to let go of being the expert? Aren't leaders expected to know the best solutions? How do we create space for ownership and accountability without losing our sense of contribution? How much failure can we really encourage and tolerate in the spirit of empowerment? This is where self-awareness, self-development and humility become invaluable on the journey. 

    This talk will share lessons learned and unlearned both from personal experience as well as from leaders I’ve collaborated with over the years. It will also invite the audience to share stories with their fellow attendees and introspect on their own way forward to help ignite agility in their teams and organizations.

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    Agile as a school of thought, is not restricted to software development. In the decades since the Agile manifesto was introduced, we have learnt a lot and built the canon of Agility with numerous constructs drawn from other walks of life. Agility as a mindset bases itself largely on human behavior and cultural traits such as the power of community, collaboration, continuous learning and introspection. When we think of extending Agility at random - a prominent use case that comes to the fore is that of managing the priorities of the self, which has led me to creating this simple canvas (called the Life Board). It draws from various Agile principles and aims at helping individuals identify, prioritize, plan and most importantly pivot.