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Forms, forms, and more forms.  And they all ask the same information over and over again.  There has to be a better way!   

The Health and Human Services sector has been recently challenged to modernize the constituent experience in applying, validating, and processing benefits at both the Federal and State levels.  Replacing antiquated systems and manual processes with cloud-based solutions and a modern and interactive user experience is now the expectation.  Agility plays a critical role in transforming HHS solutions, streamlining benefit applications, centralizing data management, and reducing processing cycle time.

Learn how one organization addressed the modernization challenge to build a cloud-based solution to streamline and accelerate the application process for a consolidated Medicaid and other health and human services benefits.  Learn how agile practices, product management, feature roadmaps enabled a modular based implementation of a state-of-the-art cloud solution. After this report, attendees will understand the lessons learned on applying agile contracting in government, working with stakeholders to deliver MVP, and the importance of having strong product management and solution architecture to guide the teams.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study


  • The HHS Modernization Challenge
  • Case Study:  Medicaid Applications in the Cloud:  As Easy as TurboTax
  • Key Agility Principles for Success:
    • Importance of MVP definition
    • Working in multi-vendor environment
    • Involvement of stakeholders
    • Key considerations for agile contracting
    • Importance of building compliance into the process
  • Q/A

Learning Outcome

From this case study, participants will learn:

  • Understanding the modernization challenge in HHS
  • Applying agile practices in government for health and human services
  • Learn new Product Management practices for complex solutions

Target Audience

Those interested in agile in Government, agile product management, agile in high compliance areas

Prerequisites for Attendees


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