Solving Demand Management, Predictability, and Dependency Management with Cap Tokens & Intake Forms

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There are 3 pervasive challenges in the software industry, regardless of organizational size or sector. These challenges are:

  1. Demand management
  2. Lack of delivery predictability
  3. Dependency management

Typical scaling approaches seek to remedy these challenges with more meetings. Unfortunately, these detract from delivery. An alternative solution pioneered by Patrick Steyaert, which I have implemented across my clients, is a pattern known as Capacity Tokens (Cap Tokens). These Cap Tokens balance demand with supply. When paired with asynchronous intakes forms, this 1-2 punch constitutes a lightweight yet scalable approach to addressing the 3 persuasive challenges without the added burden of excessive meetings.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Creating Portfolio Deliverable Boards for teams in Jira
  • Creating deliverable
  • intake form
  • Establishing a Deliverable Board level WIP Limit with historical data
  • Establishing capacity limits based on deliverable type and customer/stakeholder segment
  • Cap Token distribution to customers/stakeholders

Learning Outcome

Understand how to balance demand on a team with its capacity, scale without extra meetings, and improve deliverable predictability.

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Portfolio level Management or Executives

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