In this session, I will share the hands-on approach that I have been using to help companies upskill their workforce.  I will talk about why I think that this approach is more effective.  I will also talk about how I setup the capability and will share the results that I have gotten as well as the experience from the people that have tried this approach.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

5   mins - Talk about organizational learning and ask the audience what approach they are using most at their company

10 mins - Explain what hands-on learning approach I use and why I think it's more effective

5   mins - Share the results and outcomes that this approach has achieved

10 mins - Explain how to setup a hands-on learning capability within your company

5   mins - Share the lessons learned when setting up and scaling this capability

10 mins - Q&A

Learning Outcome

To understand how effective a hands-on immersive learning approach is and learn the steps to create that kind of capability in your company

Target Audience

Anyone who is actively upskilling teams

Prerequisites for Attendees


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