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AgileDC 2023

Mon, Oct 23
Timezone: America/New_York (EDT)

    Opening Remarks - 20 mins

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    Lyssa Adkins

    Lyssa Adkins - The Agilists’ Emerging Superpower and Our Planetary Challenge

    schedule  08:50 - 09:35 AM EDT place Auditorium

    You may be experiencing first-hand that we are in an age of VUCA -- volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. If that’s not challenging enough, Harvard Business Review “ups the ante” on VUCA and tells us we are living in a time of 3-dimensional change. It’s perpetual -- occurring all the time, it never lets up. It’s pervasive -- unfolding in multiple areas of life at once, you can’t escape it. And it’s exponential -- accelerating at an increasingly rapid rate, and humans aren’t built for exponential. In other words, it is not likely that you will be getting off the change bus anytime soon, there is no brake pedal and it’s almost impossible for you to see what is coming next. Feeling any discomfort? If so, you are normal! This constant-change environment is often frighteningly uncomfortable AND it is where we Agilists thrive.

    Using Agile well, we learn how to guide ourselves and others through challenging situations where there is not a clear “right” answer or “winning” strategy. With our hearts of agile and our ability to courageously inspect and adapt, we already have everything we need to thrive in constant change. This is our emerging superpower!  Yet, there are important conversations we are not having with our teams and especially with our leaders. It’s time to change that. 

    In this keynote, Lyssa Adkins, Agility & Leadership Coach, guides you to a deeper understanding of the change currents running beneath the modern working world and helps you explore the change edge you may be experiencing (psst… it’s the one that holds you back from having the really important conversations). Never fear! You will leave the keynote with a clear way to prepare yourself for having that conversation. 

    Lyssa will take our attention to the overarching change we are all experiencing which is the ability of our home, our one planet, to sustain us. She holds the notion that perhaps Agile is no accident and has emerged at exactly the right time to help us meet today's significant challenges and paradigm shifts. If so, what might be our part to play? How might we use our emerging superpower for good? 


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