Agile in the US Treasury's Bureau of Fiscal Service

Deliver working, bug-free software daily using Acceptance Test Driven Development, TDD, Continuous Integration, Automated Infrastructure and Cloud Based Deployments connected to Internal Data Centers. All of this in a regulated, siloed, schedule driven and extremely political environment. Add to this long release cycles, slow hardware procurements, technology review boards, and shared operations staff. Think it's not possible?

Join Alyssa Riedl, Director at the Bureau of Fiscal Service and Nayan Hajratwala, Lean/Agile Coach as they discuss their experiences delivering a highly visible and valuable project based on Agile Principles and Practices where no one thought it was possible.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

We will go through the various people & process problems that we encountered during this project as well as the specific solutions we used to address each one.

We gave a variation of this talk recently at Agile 2014.

Learning Outcome

  • Specific recommendations for anyone attempting to start an agile project within a large organization
  • How seemingly rigid rules and regulations have a lot of cultural misconceptions
  • List of collaboration technologies that we found helpful
  • Behaviors to be on the lookout for to actively counter
  • Branded Agile Frameworks are not required to do agile at scale

Target Audience

Project Manager, Portfolio Manager, Developer, Analyst, Operations, Tester


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