Automated business dashboards provide instant visibility into the performance of your business.  You can leverage your existing systems and tools as data sources, giving a real-time view of business health, performance against KPIs and opportunities for improvement.

The Dashing framework is a Ruby and CoffeeScript-based framework that is simple & lightweight with a minimal footprint, and can be easily deployed internally or to external cloud services such as Heroku.

This hands-on tutorial session explores the creation of a dashboard from zero to deployed in less than an hour!


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

  • 10 minutes - Introduction
  • 40 minutes - Create the dashboard & deploy to Heroku
  • 10 minutes - Wrap-up and questions

Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn how to create a sample Dashing dashboard, the structure of the code & widgets, how to create and modify new widgets, and how to deploy to Heroku.

Additionally, they will learn how to retrieve data from external API's an integrate the information into their dashboard.

Target Audience

Developers, Managers, Project Managers, Executives

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