Mobile citizenware development: just HOW do you balance speed and quality?

Mobile is driving the apps economy and has dramatically moved the needle of acceptable quality and speed. Citizens, consumers and employees expect apps that give them access to information as they need it, delivered in a truly engaging mobile experience. Even in the world of compliance and contracts, development teams must adapt to the lifecycle demands of rapid, high quality app delivery.  Nearly ALL mobile dev teams today are using Agile methods. Teams must frequently release new versions of mobile applications in response to feedback from users and testers while maintaining a focus on the regulatory environment in which the mobile app exists. To keep up with user demand, short development cycles are required by mobile, development and operations teams resulting in the need for DevOps practices. This presentation will explore the benefits of collaborative development, continuous testing, and continuous release and deployment in building compliant mobile apps that are engaging and responsive to the public and employees.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Market Overview
  • Development Challenges
  • DevOps for Mobile capabilities
    • Collaborative development,
    • Continuous testing, and
    • Continuous release and deployment
    • Continuous Feedback
  • Demonstration or Video

Learning Outcome

An awareness of DevOps for Mobile capabilities, software disciplines, and some tools that provide automation to help continuously deliver high quality mobile apps.

Target Audience

Developers, Architects, Program/Project Managers



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  • Sanjeev Sharma

    Sanjeev Sharma - Applying Lean, Agile and DevOps for better business outcomes

    60 Mins

    In this session we will take a look at DevOps through a ‘Lean’ lens. If one takes a look at the principles behind DevOps, one sees the roots of Lean. These lean roots, when studied and well understood, provide a framework to start measuring and then using those measurements to instrument the delivery pipeline and eliminate the bottlenecks in the pipeline, making it more efficient and productive.

    The goal of DevOps is to deliver software to production, in an efficient manner, minimizing risk, and striving for continuous improvement. Applying Lean principles and especially Lean measurements to a delivery pipeline or even better, the entire DevOps lifecycle, helps progress towards these goals, in a proven, and mathematically astute manner. Development teams and organizations that have adopted Agile have already started on this journey for Dev-Test. DevOps extends this Lean and Agile thinking to the entire delivery cycle, and all the stakeholders – from ‘Line of Business’ to Production.

    This session will explore the key principles of Lean and Lean Measurements, how they applied to Agile, and how they can be extended to DevOps.