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In this high technology times, it is really hard to catch up with everything. Especially for the mobile world when there are thousands of mobile devices with different modification of the Android OS. Most of us who work in the mobile testing industry familiar with Appium framework for a UI automation and also aware of complicate setup and hard maintenance of it. Using Docker in Android UI automation is making our life much easier. Docker-Android is a docker image built to be used for everything related to Android mobile website or application testing. All the tools needed (devices, framework, Android SDK etc.) are packaged in the image. It is free and open source and supports other features such as video recording.

In this session, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Appium and docker-android will go throw getting started with Docker-Android and run sample tests against it.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Introduction

2. Getting started with Appium Docker for Android

3. Run Android test suite on real devices using Appium Docker

4. Connect Android device over Wi-Fi

5. Connect Appium server to Selenium grid

6. Run mobile UI tests on the emulator using Android Docker and Appium

7. How does it work (with a Demo)

8. Q&A

Learning Outcome

Mobile testing is complicated as there are thousands of mobile devices with different operating systems. This solution will help to have a ready to go test infrastructure that will run the same environment everywhere it is deployed (your local machine, server), also it will make it easy to run the tests on a different version of mobiles and operating systems. You will not be required to install tools to be able to run your tests (Appium, Selenium Grid, Android SDK etc.)

Target Audience

Automation QA Engineer, Software Engineer in Test, Mobile QA Engineer, DevOps Engineer

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge about Appium and Docker will be good



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