Automated Solution for Non Functional Requirements (NFR) & Performance Metrics Of Mobile App

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Android/IOS Performance monitoring generally is to concentrate on numbers such as throughput, but evaluating key parameters can often be more revealing and valuable. System aspects like Memory profiling, CPU tracing & network utilization gives us app insights for defining app behavior good or bad, in terms of app performance with metrics like memory usage, CPU usage, network data usage, battery usage, slow UI/frozen frames evaluation, activity life-cycle performance, and shared preferences usage etc.

App performance demands an early insight of capturing key metrics in the development phase, to be dependent on production monitoring can be too late. This can help us tune to the desired level of business goal achievement as well.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Memory consumption, CPU tracing & Network utilization
  • Performance monitoring:
    • Overall App performance Internal storage, Shared Preferences.
    • Activity Life Cycle (onCreate, onPause etc) time
    • Janky Frames are Number of dropped frames in particular UI
    • Battery Health check is to verify battery consumption.
    • Android Delay Thread Analysis

Learning Outcome

How NFR/Performance metrics impact overall app behaviour for Android/Ios app.

Android Ios Key Performance Metrics and how to evaluate these metrics.

Android Activity life cycle performance(eg. onCreate(), onPause() time)

Android shared preferences/ app data usage

Android delay thread analysis for debugging performance issues.

Battery performance for defined scenario and metrics for identifying battery usage

Target Audience

App Automation Specialist,App Performance Enthusiast

Prerequisites for Attendees

Android/Ios Non Functional Metrics (like Memory usage,cpu usage ,network data usage etc)

Android slow ui/frames rendering for ui performance

Android performance monitoring

Android Thread profiler


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